We specialize in filling Management, Marketing, and Sales positions nationwide

We Offer...

  • Fast, courteous service
  • Extensive, global database of Experienced Candidates
  • Contingency search (nothing due us unless a referred candidate is hired.
  • 90 day replacement or money back guarantee
  • All candidates are prescreened to be sure they have the experience needed for the job, are available and interested and their salary requirement matches what is budgeted for the position. This saves you time and money.

Some of the types of positions we specialize in are…

Regional Managers, General Managers, Bank Managers, Cellular / PCS Store Managers, Motel / Hotel Managers, Restaurant Managers, Casino Managers, Service Managers, Public Relations Managers, Human Resources Managers, etc.

Cellular / PCS  Sales personnel, Sales Managers,  Director of sales, etc.

Director of marketing and Marketing Managers

Support Staff
General and administrative staff, office managers, bookkeepers, accountants, etc

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